Responding to a Need

Nearly 30 years ago, parishioners of Saint Patrick’s Church saw, with their own eyes, a dangerous reality of life on the street – people sleeping outside during cold, winter nights – most of the time surviving but, unfortunately, sometimes not. Now, for almost 30 years, a “Haven” has been here for men to leave behind, if only for a short time, the dangers and the problems of the streets, and to have a safe place – quiet and warm – to clean up, think and rest. A “Haven”…it’s just as simple as that…a safe place in the darkness of the night…A “Light”… A “Blessing.”

- Richard V.
Co-manager of St. Patrick Haven and former client

Homeless. Whether downsized into a minimum wage job while paying child support leaving very little or anything to live on, or maybe laid off leaving no money for rent and being put out in the street. It’s not very funny. Some men are out of prison starting over after paying their debt to society. Many people are homeless for other reasons; it hurts. They may not have a place to go. They are welcomed by the Sisters of St. Joseph to stay at their shelter – St. Patrick’s Haven. The Sisters have dedicated their lives to help people in need. Their work continues.

- Bill M.
Co-manager of St. Patrick Haven and former client