Restoring Hope


The new Haven is complete and our clients are enjoying the new facility.

Exterior Updates. Parking area, some grass, some plantings and a bench on the exterior give the new Haven a polished look.

Progress is continuing. The trim work is being installed. This includes all the window sills and the doorway frames that do not have doors. The material being used is a durable, cleanable Trex type composite material.
The sprinkler feed is now completed along with the utility hookup from the city. The hookup is housed in a metal box between the parking area and the sidewalk.
The final landscape grading started on Thursday.
They have been removing humidity from the building prior to the start of floor installation on the concrete.
The furnaces and air conditioning are now fully operational. The thermostats are installed in the several heating and cooling zones.
All switches, outlets and lighting are now operational

The recessed lighting is about half installed along with fluorescent fixtures in several rooms. The sprinkler system heads are installed. The air conditioners are being installed Gutters and downspouts are in place since earlier in the month. The driveway and parking area is now open for vehicles. The city inspector was there today and there will be several more inspections before we are done.


The shower and laundry plumbing have been installed.
Most electrical outlets and switches have been installed.
The ceiling should be done by the weekend depending on other mechanical work being completed above the ceiling. The edge tiles are in place so only the full pieces need to be dropped in place along with the recessed lighting fixtures.
Several ceiling HVAC registers have been installed and the crew arrived to continued installation.
The electrical panel is fully functional.
The workmen will be starting on the flooring next week.

Here are the latest updates to the Haven. The drywall finishing was completed and the walls are painted.
The installation of the suspended ceiling is in process. The hangers are installed and the edge brackets are being put up.
Door frames are being installed
The concrete steps and wheelchair ramp are poured.

The Electrical hook-up is now permanent, the drywal is done, duct work is done and sprinkler systm is being installed.

Adding the heating ducts to the Haven.

Thank you again to everyone who donated to St. Patrick’s Haven on Erie Gives Day.  After the prorated match, we received a check today in the amount of $9,690.97.  Thank you for helping the men who visit St. Patrick’s Haven.  You have a made a positive difference in their lives. Pictured below is Erie Community Foundation Trustee Dionne Wallace Oakley, Betsy Wiest and Sister Clare Marie from the Sisters of St. Joseph and Mike Batchelor President of the Erie Community Foundation.

Work on the interior is coming along.

Siding on, brick work done, windows, doors and roof all complete!

The siding is going up on the new building!

We have windows!

We have a roof!

More walls have gone up!

Thank you to the Erie Community Foundation for the donation to the Haven Building Project! Accepting on behalf of the Haven was Sister Mary Fromknecht.

Progress Continues!

Construction has begun! It won't be long now!

Sister Mary and Mike Peck signed the contract for the new St. Patrick's Haven this morning.
Signed, Sealed, and Ready to Go!

Work on site will begin next week - weather permitting!!!

  Allegheny Health Network/St. Vincent Hospital in honor of Doctor’s Day, chose Dr. Edward Clark to receive an honorarium of $500, which will go towards the new Haven Building.

SPH was the agency selected by Dr. Edward Clark. In photo are: Jan Stork (Make A Wish Foundation), Kenneth Chinsky, MD (honoree), Sister Mary Fromknecht, Nancy Donnelly, Edward Clark, MD, and Scott Whalen (CEO of St. Vincent/Allegheny Health)

We are most grateful to Dr. Clark and Allegheny Health Network/St. Vincent Hospital.

A message from Rev. Msgr. Henry A. Kriegel, chairman of the Restoring Hope Building Campaign

"Through a contribution to the Restoring Hope Campaign, you can change a life for someone that is down on their luck, homeless, afraid and feeling lost and forgotten. A one time contribution is really an opportunity to help change the future for someone and give back hope for a better future. Please join me in supporting a the St. Patrick's Haven Campaign today and restore hope for others."

Saint Patrick’s Approach to Providing Shelter

The Haven is different from other shelters in the area.  It accepts homeless men even if they have been drinking or have any other addiction.  Each man signs a Hold Harmless agreement each night of their stay.  House rules are displayed openly and enforced by the Manager.  The Managers are and have always been men who had stayed at the Haven and who are interested and able to handle the nightly regime.

In 2012, a Board Member suggested applying to be a recipient of Roar on the Shore monies, after meeting with the Board at the site, the Haven was chosen and received $50,000 and three vacant lots located in the 200 block of East 12th Street.  It was recognized that there is a need for a new building to house the shelter, mainly due to a deteriorating foundation.

You have the opportunity to be a part of this effort and contribute to the wellbeing of people of varied backgrounds and situations. Your gift to the St. Patrick’s Haven will help continue the ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph and meet the needs of our homeless population – ministry of presence to men who choose a place of safety, a warm bed, a shower, coffee, a snack and friendship nightly. 

Please consider an online donation - choose "St. Patrick's Haven"  from the drop own menu under "Program". Thank you for helping to continue this important mission.


Click here to see the extent of the crumbling foundation at the Haven.


Ground breaking and a Press Conference for the new Haven were held on Thursday, September 15, 2016. See photos from the event here!