Students from St. Gregory School learn about homelessness

Students from St. Gregory’s School recently visited St. Patrick’s Haven with their teachers Pam Verity, Lori Helffrich and Principal Nancy Pierce.  They were greeted by Sister Mary Fromknecht who, after giving the students a tour of the Haven, spoke with them about homelessness in Erie and the mission of St. Patrick’s Haven to provide a safe place for homeless men to sleep after a day on the streets.  The students had been carrying coffee supplies and socks which they collected for the men at St. Patrick’s Haven in their backpacks since their school day began as they also visited other homeless service providers prior to coming to St. Patrick’s Haven, their last stop of the morning.  This was a way for the students to better understand how our guests carry their belongings with them all of the time.  Thank you St. Gregory’s students and teachers for your continued support of St. Patrick’s Haven.

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