Help us fill the wall!

Since St. Patrick’s Haven opened in Erie over 35 years ago, a team of dedicated visitors meets with our guests one night each month for about an hour.  During the day when our guests are on the street, people often tend to avoid them and not acknowledge that they even exist.  Our visitors provide a ministry of presence and companionship.  With the onset of COVID-19, we have not been able to have our volunteers visit at the Haven.  Now, more than ever, our guests are feeling isolated and alone.

We have developed a “We’re Thinking of You” wall but need your help. Please consider dropping a card in the mail every couple of weeks or so letting our guests know they are in your thoughts and in your prayers.  The cards will be posted on a wall in the Haven for all to see.  The goal is to fill the wall with good wishes and remind our guests that there are people who care about them.

Please send your cards to the following address:

St. Patrick’s Haven

239 East 12th Street

Erie, PA 16503

A ministry of presence is a big part of the history and story of St. Patrick’s Haven.  It lets our guests know they are valued children of God.  Please help be part of a ministry of presence through the mail.

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