Earth Sun Moon – New Haven Angel

Deacon Nick Cirell of Earth Sun Moon silkscreen shop is the newest Haven Angel.  Earth Sun Moon regularly donates their “seconds” from the shop to St. Patrick’s Haven.  They have donated much needed items such as hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts over the past couple of years.  The items are brand new but for whatever reason, they didn’t pass quality control.  Too look at them, however, you would find it difficult to discover the flaw.  Recently, Deacon Nick donated 1,000 face masks, golf shirts and sweatshirts for the men at St. Patrick’s Haven.  Thank you, Earth Sun Moon and Deacon Nick, for your continued kindness, for partnering with us to serve the homeless and most of all for donating the face masks to help keep our guests safe during this pandemic.  You are a blessing to St. Patrick’s Haven.

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