Harvest 912 – changing lives one sole at a time

Parishioners from Flightpath Fellowship created a footcare clinic for homeless individuals. Harvest 912 works to change lives – one sole at a time. They recently held a foot care clinic at St. Patrick’s Haven.  The team, under the direction of Kit and Tad, washed the feet of each guest. Dr. Joshua Britten, Podiatrist, then cared for medical issues before each man was fitted for a brand-new pair of boots. The boots were accompanied by a backpack filled with a foot care pack, new socks, a blanket and snacks.  10-year-old Drew from Flightpath Fellowship is too young to participate in the clinic but wanted to help and provided snack bags for each guest. Harvest 912 recently acquired a bus and will be taking the clinic on the road soon with St. Patrick’s Haven being one of their regular stops. Thank you, Harvest 912 for making our guests feel cared for and valued.  You are our newest Haven Angels!

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