Sharing the Pie

Yesterday, over 80 donors, volunteers, Sisters and representatives from nearly 50 organizations, whose mission is to serve our neighbor, gathered for mass, continental breakfast and fellowship. Fr. Jerry Simmons presided and shared his modern and meaningful interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount, confirming for the more than 100 attendees their work in being a good servant to others. Gifts from 700 donors totaling more than $67,000 were shared with the organizations. This year, the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner provided 1,200 meals to be delivered to the hungry, lonely and homebound.

Thank you, Sisters of St. Joseph of Northwestern Pennsylvania, for your continued support of our dear neighbor on Thanksgiving Day as well as the donation you made to St. Patrick’s Haven, one of the organizations with whom additional funds were shared.

You have always been and will always be our Haven Angels.

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